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The Dean (Research)


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Dr. Praveen Shenoy

Founder and Chief Consultant, POWER DEVICE TECHNOLOGY




  • Ph.D,     Electrical Engineering, NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY, RALEIGH., USA (1997),
    Advisor:  Prof. B. Jayant Baliga

  • M.Tech,  Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Madras, India. (1993)


    Research Experience and Honors (In Reverse Chronological Order)

  • Founder and  Chief  Consultant,  Power  Device  Technology  (2009-Present).

  • Sr. Manager & Head, Device Technology Center, Vishay Siliconix, Pune, India (2007-2009).

  •  Senior  Engineering  Manager,  Device  Concepts  &  New  Product  Development,  Fairchild Semiconductor, Mountaintop, PA, USA (2005-2007). Fairchild award for SiC Schottky diode technology development and Trench NPT IGBT (2006)

  •  Principal  Engineer,  Worldwide  HV  device  design  &  Manager,  Failure  analysis,  Fairchild Semiconductor, Mountaintop, PA, USA (2004-2005).

  • Group Leader, AC/DC Team, Intersil/Fairchild Semiconductor, Mountaintop, PA, USA (2000-2004). He was awarded “Fairchild’s elite Key Technologist” Award, 2001-2004

  • Staff Engineer, Intersil/Harris Semiconductor, Mountaintop, PA, USA (1997-2000).

  • Harris performance award- SMPS IGBT development team award, 1999.

  • Research Assistant, Power Semiconductor Research Center, NCSU, USA (1993-1997).


    Patents/ Disclosures (17 Issued US Patents)

  • “Static Induction Transistors Having Heterojunction Gates and Methods of Forming Same” US Patent 5,753,938  Issued on May 19, 1998.

  • “Edge termination for silicon power devices” US Patent 6,242,784 issued June 5, 2001.

  • “Trench MOFET with reduced miller capacitance” US Patent 6,573,560 issued June 3, 2003.

  • “Edge termination for silicon power devices” US Patent 6,534,347 issued March 18, 2003.

  • “A Quick Punch Through (QPT) IGBT designed to provide gate controllable di/dt and reduced EMI during inductive turn-off” US Patent 6,831,329 issued Dec 14 2004

  • “Edge termination for silicon power devices” US Patent 6,362,026 issued March 26, 2002.

  • “Technique for forming emitter ballast resistors in IGBTs and using the enhanced body effect to maximize short-circuit ruggedness” US Patent 6,437,419 issued August 20, 2002.

  • “Soft recovery power diode” US Patent 6,737,731 issued May 18 2004.

  • “Edge termination for silicon power devices” US Patent 6,759,719 issued July 6, 2004.

  • “Edge termination for silicon power devices” US Patent 7,166,866 issued January 23, 2007.

  • “Schottky diode structure to reduce capacitance and switching losses and method of making same” US Patent 7,199,442 issued April 3, 2007.

  • “MOS-gated transistor with reduced Miller capacitance” US Patent 7,265,415 issued September 4,2007.

  • “Schottky diode structure to reduce capacitance and switching losses and method of making same” US Patent 7,468,314 issued December 23, 2008.

  • “Method of making a MOS-gated transistor with reduced miller capacitance”, US Patent 7,534,683 issued May 19, 2009.

  • “Wide bandgap device in parallel with a device that has a lower avalanche breakdown voltage and a higher forward voltage drop than the wide bandgap device” US Patent 7,586,156 issued September 8,2009.

  • “Wide bandgap device in parallel with a device that has a lower avalanche breakdown voltage and a higher forward voltage drop than the wide bandgap device” US Patent 7,859,057 issued December 28,2010.

  • “Structure and method for forming accumulation-mode field effect transistor with improved current capability” US Patent 7,936,008 issued May 3, 2011.

  • Superjunction structures for power devices and methods of manufacture” filed September 2008.

  • Two more applications/divisions pending.

  • Filed 4 invention disclosures on the new trench based Super Junction devices.


    List of Publication

  • P.M Shenoy, A.Moki, B.J.Baliga, D.Alok, K.Wongchotigul, and M.Spencer, “Vertical Schottky barrier diodes on 3C-SiC grown on Si,”  presented at IEDM, San Francisco, December 1994.

  • A.Moki,  P.M.Shenoy, D.Alok,   B.J.Baliga, K.Wongchotigul,  and M.Spencer,    “Low  resistivity as-deposited ohmic  contacts to 3C-SiC,”  Journal of Electronic Materials, vol. 24, No. 4, 1995.

  • P.M.Shenoy  and B.J.Baliga,  “Planar,  Ion  Implanted, High Voltage 6H-SiC P-N Junction Diodes,”    IEEE Electron Device Lett., Vol. 16, No. 10, 1995.

  • P.M.Shenoy  and  B.J.Baliga,  “Planar,  high  voltage,  boron  implanted  6H-SiC  P-N  junction  diodes,”  presented  at ICSCRM, Kyoto (Japan), September 1995.

  • P.M.Shenoy and B.J.Baliga, “High Voltage P+ Polysilicon/N- 6H-SiC Heterojunction Diodes,” Electronic Letters, Vol.33, No.12, June 1997.

  • P.M.Shenoy,  V.Bantval, M.Kothandaraman  and  B.J.Baliga,  “  A  Novel  P+  Polysilicon/N-  6H-SiC  Heterojunction Trench Gate Vertical FET,” presented at ISPSD, Weimar (Germany), May 1997.

  • P.M.Shenoy  and  B.J.Baliga,  “High  Voltage  Planar  6H-SiC  ACCUFET,”  presented  at  ICSCIII-N’97,  Stockholm, Sweden, Sept.’97.

  • P.M.Shenoy  and B.J.Baliga,    “The Planar 6H-SiC ACCUFET: A New High-Voltage Power MOSFET Structure,” IEEE Electron Device Lett., Vol.18 , No. 12, 1997

  • R.K.Chilukuri,  P.M.Shenoy  and  B.J.Baliga,  “Comparison  of  6H-SiC  and  4H-SiC  High-Voltage  Planar ACCUFETs,” presented at ISPSD, Kyoto (Japan), June 1998.

  • G.M.Dolny  etal  “Static  and  Dynamic  Characterization  of  Large-Area  High  Current  Density  SiC  Schottky Diodes,” presented at Device Research Conference, June 1998.

  • R.K.Chilukuri, P.M.Shenoy and B.J.Baliga, “High Temperature Operation of SiC Planar ACCUFET” presented at the Industrial Application Society Conference, Oct 1998.

  • P.M.Shenoy  and  B.J.Baliga,  “Analysis  and  Optimization  of  the  Planar  6H-SiC  ACCUFET  “  Solid  State Electronics, Vol.43, pp.213-220, January 1999.

  • P.M.Shenoy etal “Analysis of the Effect of Charge Imbalance on the Static and Dynamic Characteristics of the Super Junction MOSFET,” presented at ISPSD, Toronto, May 1999.

  • S.Shekhawat etal “Harris New Generation SMPS IGBT Opens Door for a New Era in SMPS Market”, presented at PCIM conference, Germany, June 1999.

  • A.H.Craig etal “SMPS IGBT Demonstrates Superior Performance Compared to MOSFETs in Various Switch Mode Power Supply Applications”, presented at PCIM conference, USA.

  • S.Shekhawat  etal “UIS-rated SMPS  IGBT opens door  for a new SMPS era” presented at PCIM Europe,  June 2000.

  • P.M.Shenoy etal “High performance 300V IGBT”, presented at ISPSD, Toulouse, France, May 2000.

  • J.Yedinak etal  “Optimizing 600V Punchthrough IGBTs for Unclamped Inductive Switching (UIS)” , presented at ISPSD, Toulouse, France, May 2000.

  • S.Shekhawat  etal  “Intersil’s New  Stealth Diode  Improves SMPS  IGBT Switching Speed”, presented  at PCIM conference, Boston, MA, Oct. 2000

  • S.Shekhawat  etal  “Stealth  Diode  Cuts  SMPS  IGBT  Switching  Loss-Quietly”  published  in  PCIM magazine, October 2000.

  • P.M.Shenoy  etal  “Intersil  SMPS  II  IGBTs  offer  high  UIS  rating,  low  gate  charge  and  low  turn-on  loss” presented at PCIM conference, Europe, June 2001.

  • P.M.Shenoy  etal “The  Influence of Body Effect on  the Short-circuit Ruggedness of Emitter Ballasted  IGBTs” presented at ISPSD, Osaka, Japan, June 2001.

  • D.T.Morisette etal,  IEEE Trans. Electron Devices, Vol. 48, 349 (2001)

  • S.Shekhawat etal “New Stealth Soft Recovery Diode Reduces SMPS-IGBT Switching Loss” presented at PCIM conference, Europe, June 2001.

  • J.Yedinak etal, “Enhanced IGBT Self Clamped Inductive Switching (SCIS) Capability through Vertical Doping Profile and Cell Optimization” presented at ISPSD, SantaFe New Mexico, June 2002.

  • S.Shekhawat  etal  “SMPS  IGBT  and  new  FRFET  improves  the  reliability  of  Phase-Shifted  ZVS  PWM  Full Bridge DC/DC Converter”  presented at PCIM conference, Europe, June 2002.

  • P.M.Shenoy  etal  “Soft  Recovery  Diode  with  Low  Reverse  Recovery  Current”  presented  at  IBM  Power Technology Symposium, Minneapolis, Minnesota, September 2002.

  • S.Shekhawat etal “Stealth Diode and SMPS MOSFET Helps in Controlling EMI in Power Supplies” published in Conformity magazine, September 2002.

  • S.Shekhawat  etal  “New FRFET  Increases  the Reliability of Phase-Shifted ZVS PWM Full Bridge Converter” published in power systems design magazine, February 2004.

  • P.M.Shenoy etal “Fairchild’s New NPT 2  IGBT Opens Door  for a New Era  in UPS, Motor Drive and SMPS Market” presented at Power Systems World, Chicago, November 2004.

  • S.Shekhawat  etal  “Stealth  Diode  and  UniFET  Reduces  EMI  in  Power  Supplies”  to  be  published  in  Power Electronics in Europe magazine, January 2005.

  • S.Shekhawat etal “Highly Optimized Planar UNIFET Competes with Super-Junction MOSFET at 500V Level in PFC and Zero Voltage Switching DC/DC Applications” presented at PCIM China, March 2005.

  • J.Shovlin  etal  “Silicon  Carbide:  Barriers  to  Manufacturable  Devices”  presented  at  ASMC  conference, Munich,Germany, April 2005.

  • P.M.Shenoy  etal  “Application Specific 1200V Planar and Trench  IGBTs” presented at APEC, Dallas, March 2006.

  • P.M.Shenoy  etal “Reverse Recovery Evaluation of Conventional and Super Junction MOSFET Body Diodes” presented at PCIM, China, March 2006.

  • S.Shekhawat  etal  “Evaluation  of  Non  Punch  Through  IGBT  Technologies  for  Soft  and  Hard  Switching Applications” presented at PCIM, Germany, May 2006.

  • S.Shekhawat  etal  “  A Fast Body Diode UNIFET Analyzed  and  tested Under  Zero Voltage  Switching”  to  be published in Bodo’s Power systems, November 2006

  • P.M.Shenoy  etal  “Super  Junction MOSFET  with  Robust  Body  Diode”  presented  at  Power  Systems World, October 2006.

  • P.M.Shenoy etal “Low Qgd 200  to 250V UltraFET Trench MOSFETs with  low Trr and Qrr  for Synchronous Rectification, AC/DC and DC/DC applications”  presented at PCIM, China, March 2007.

  • P.M.Shenoy  “High  Voltage  Superjunction  Technology  Development  Trends”    an  invited  paper  presented  at IWPSD, India, December, 2011.

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