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Civil - Lab Facilities


Labs with modern machineries make this course useful for students to become a good civil engineer. The department is functioning very efficiently, with well qualified, hard working faculty and with well equipped laboratories.
The department has the following laboratories:
  • Materials Testing Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Survey Lab
  • Geo Technical Engineering Lab
  • Concrete and Structural Engineering Lab
  • Transportation Engineering Lab
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Computer Applications and Research Lab
Material Testing Laboratories

Department of Civil Engineering has a well established Material Testing Lab with state-of-the art equipments and latest techniques for analysis. It gives students a chance to apply text book principles and theory. Students perform experiments which yield the type of data which form the basis of established mechanical properties. By doing this students both confirm the theory and realize some of the limits of its application. Machines like Universal Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine etc help the students to perform experiments with accuracy and can study the behavior of materials exactly.
Fluid Mechanics Lab and Hydraulics Engineering Lab

The Hydraulics Engineering Lab is well equipped with standardized and conventional apparatuses. The hydraulics Laboratory has space provided for the construction of physical models along with a wide range of methodology for fluid flow analysis pertaining to computational hydraulics and fluid studies. Students get the knowledge of absolute, differential and gauge pressure, Basic pressure measurements, and elementary flow visualization tools, to deduce fluid physics information from flow visualization.
Geo Technical Engineering Lab

Geotechnical engineering is that field of civil engineering which deals with soil investigation and design of proper foundations of structures. Soil investigation includes collection and testing of soil samples. Geotechnical engineering includes measurement of soil parameters and safe bearing capacity. It also includes construction and design of simple foundations, pile foundations, well foundations, caissons, coffer dams, construction of foundation of dams, construction of tunnels, sub base of road, earthen dams, and earth related constructions. Sound knowledge of geology and geotechnical engineering is necessary for construction of earth related structures.
Surveying Lab

Surveying fixes the relative positions of different points on the basis of surface of earth. It also includes measurements of areas and volumes. Basic aim of surveying is to prepare a map of the area to some scale. Surveying is carried out to fix the alignment of road, railway and canal. It is also useful in selecting the site for the construction of structures. Modern surveying instruments like Electronic total station and Geographical Positioning System (GPS) are the modern electronic digital instruments for survey works. Remote sensing and Geographical Information system (GIS) are adopted for surveying and planning of many civil engineering projects. Lab is also equipped with the latest surveying instruments like total stations, GPS, Auto levels etc.
Transportation Engineering Lab

The Department has a well equipped transportation engineering lab which offers service to VII semester B.Tech students and for the B.Tech project works.The equipments include CBR testing machine,Marshall stability testing machine and other major equipments for aggregate and bituminous binder tests
  • Equipments for aggregate test
    Aggregate Impact Testing Machine
    Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine
    Aggregate Shape Testing Apparatus
    Specific Gravity Testing Apparatus
  • Equipments for Binder Test
    Ductility Testing Machine
    Flash and Fire Point Test Apparatus
    Specific Gravity Testing Apparatus
    Softening Point Testing Apparatus
    Tar Viscometer
Concrete and Structural Engineering Lab

This Lab helps in training engineers and architects in different areas related to Construction Technology, Construction Management, Functional Design of Buildings and Building Materials. This laboratory has facilities for testing cement, aggregates and concrete. Concrete mix design, Material testing and Non-destructive testing of concrete are the facilities which are being utilised by construction organizations like PWD, KPC, Railways etc. through the Consultancy cell.
Environmental Engineering Lab

The Environmental Engineering & Science Laboratory is a state of the art, well-equipped laboratory that is able to perform most types of laboratory analyses. The department uses the laboratory for both courses and research which provides students with hands-on experience in environmental analysis methods.
Computer Applications and Research Lab

The center has the modern computers of latest configurations. The center is actively used for the research work in Computer-aided analysis and design of structures. The lab is equipped with the latest versions of AutoCAAD, STAAD Pro, Etabs, SAP, ANSYS etc.


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